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The key of vehicle maintenance

Generally, there are three different routine maintenance contents, and the mileage or time since the last maintenance related.


First , routine maintenance, generally refers to each driving 5000KM ( some models is 7500KM) after routine maintenance, maintenance content is basically oil changesoil changes, filters, check the gas filter ( many cars do not have a steam filter ), air filtersair filters, etc. If dirty it also can be replaced together Autel OLS301. Meanwhile, the brakes must be checked every time, whether the pieces need to be replaced, the need for supplemental brake fluids and tire situation, which is to protect the security needs.


Second, regular maintenance, usually every three years or after every 40000KM done , in addition to routine maintenanceroutine maintenance , the need to clean fuel injectors, throttle and vehicle 's intake system . In addition, you need to replace the gearbox oil, axle oil and antifreeze, brake oil. Also, check the tires for wear and replace if necessary tiretire.


Third, major maintenance. Generally occurs after the vehicle is traveling 100000KM, to conduct a comprehensive examination of vehicles and replacement parts according to the situation. At this point, you should check the line, the transmission mechanism and so on.


In addition , with regard to the maintenance of the vehicle contents , what at what time of the inspection and replacement of what , in the vehicle 's maintenance manual are described in detail. Sadly, the vast majority of owners do not want to look like the manual, do not even see the user manual.


The maintenance of the contents do those, and car drivers who have a great relationship. You can buy some diagnostic tools, like Launch CRP129 and Launch X431 Diagun III then you can test your car by yourself, the diagnostic tools also can supply solution of your car problem MaxiDiag Elite MD802. This way to maintenance your car can help you save more money and time. When necessary, listen to professional advice, and even give them the car and drive a circle, will give you more advice. The special feature is use the diagnostic tool can help you avoid the dishonest maintenance division suggestion autel al419.


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